CrystalMaker 10.2.2分析分子和晶体结构,CrystalMaker三个维度动画-机械龙


  CrystalMaker 10.2.2分析分子和晶体结构,CrystalMaker三个维度动画-机械龙

  CrystalMaker是用于分析分子和晶体结构的强大程序。在该程序的帮助下,化学家和发烧友可以以视觉,完全互动和互动的方式观察和分析各种材料和化合物的分子结构。CrystalMaker 10.2.2视觉显示分为三个维度,并带有有趣的动画,可以使您更好地理解这些结构。您还可以以高质量视频文件的形式保存所生成的动画,并将其提供给学生或发烧友。

  CrystalMaker 10.2.2程序易于使用,并且在有吸引力的图形环境中,您可以使用鼠标来研究和分析各种化学结构。除了研究目的之外,使用该软件还将为学生带来更多的兴趣和教育。如果您是课堂上的化学老师,则可以在教学过程中使用此软件显示三个维度的分子结构,分别以不同的颜色进行动画显示和分隔。这肯定会帮助您更好地理解本课。

  CrystalMaker 10.2.2程序所需的数据可以从几个有效的信息来源获得,包括蛋白质结构数据库,CIF,GSAS,SHELX等。该程序生成的图像具有高分辨率,您可以轻松地在不同尺寸的纸张上打印。借助CrystalMaker 10.2.2集合的SingleCrystal工具,您可以准备各种立体图像和对称元素,并将它们与其他结构进行比较。这些图像是交互式创建的,具有很高的视觉吸引力。使用CrystalDiffract,您还可以在屏幕上看到中子粒子和X射线的折射。CrystalMaker 10.2.2信息被广泛用于分析元素的特性及其在分子化学结构中的行为。

  CrystalMaker 10.2.2所需系统


  CrystalMaker 10.2.2操作系统支持:

  Windows 10

  Windows 8

  Windows 7

  Windows Vista

  Windows XP(Service Pack 3或更高版本)


  CrystalMaker 10.2.2最低要求:

  运行Windows XP SP2或更高版本的PC。

  100 MB磁盘空间。

  1 GB RAM。


  CrystalMaker is a powerful program for analyzing molecular and crystal structures. With the help of this program, chemists and enthusiasts can observe and analyze the molecular structure of various materials and compounds in a visual, fully interactive and interactive manner. CrystalMaker 10.2.2 visual display is divided into three dimensions, and with interesting animation, can make you better understand these structures. You can also save the generated animation in the form of a high-quality video file and provide it to students or enthusiasts.

  CrystalMaker 10.2.2 program is easy to use, and in an attractive graphical environment, you can use the mouse to study and analyze various chemical structures. In addition to research purposes, using the software will also bring more interest and education to students. If you are a chemistry teacher in the classroom, you can use this software to display the three-dimensional molecular structure during the teaching process, which is animated and separated in different colors. This will definitely help you understand this lesson better.

  The data required by the CrystalMaker 10.2.2 program can be obtained from several effective information sources, including protein structure database, CIF, GSAS, SHELX, etc. The images generated by the program have high resolution, and you can easily print on paper of different sizes. With the SingleCrystal tool of the CrystalMaker 10.2.2 collection, you can prepare various stereo images and symmetry elements and compare them with other structures. These images are created interactively and have a high visual appeal. With CrystalDiffract, you can also see the refraction of neutron particles and X-rays on the screen. CrystalMaker 10.2.2 information is widely used to analyze the properties of elements and their behavior in molecular chemical structures.


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