Content Grabber 2.73,看到的信息与站点的结构有关-机械龙


  Content Grabber 2.73,看到的信息与站点的结构有关-机械龙

  Sequentum(以前称为Content Grabber)是一个非常好的从网站提取信息的软件。通常,您在Internet站点上看到的信息与站点的结构有关,因此无法将其保存为所需的格式。使用Content Grabber 2.73程序,您可以从几乎任何站点提取各种信息,例如信息表,图像,视频和其他类型的数据,并将其以结构化格式保存在XML,CSV和Excel报表中。Content Grabber 2.73程序的重​​要功能之一是可以自动进行数据挖掘操​​作。通过为每个站点定义一个代理,其任务是从您想要的部分中提取数据;此后,您可以为代理定义时间表,以使代理按时自动访问该站点并提取新数据。

  Content Grabber能够很好地理解复杂的信息结构,甚至是那些信息随时随地变化的网站,或者位于不同页面上的信息,您都必须键入页码才能查看新信息。Content Grabber 2.73程序能够识别和提取通常无法保存的图像和视频的特定格式。Content Grabber 2.73支持许多输出格式,包括XML,CSV,Excel或Oracle数据库,SQL SERVER, My Sql和OLE DB。此数据非常有价值,可以进行分析以识别业务竞争对手。

  Content Grabber的功能:


  Content Grabber 2.73支持多种输出格式


  Content Grabber 2.73能够根据每小时,每天,每周和每月的时间表自动执行提取操作



  和 …

  Content Grabber 2.73所需系统

  Content Grabber 2.73建议的最低要求:

  64位Windows 10或Windows Server

  2016/2019 Intel Core i5-6xxx或等效的

  16GB RAM(对于要并行运行的每个代理+ 2GB RAM)

  500 GB内部硬盘驱动器。

  Sequentum (previously called Content Grabber) is a very good software for extracting information from websites. Usually, the information you see on an Internet site is related to the structure of the site, so you cannot save it in the required format. Using the Content Grabber 2.73 program, you can extract all kinds of information from almost any site, such as information sheets, images, videos, and other types of data, and save them in a structured format in XML, CSV, and Excel reports. One of the important functions of the Content Grabber 2.73 program is that it can automatically perform data mining operations. By defining an agent for each site, its task is to extract data from the part you want; after that, you can define a schedule for the agent so that the agent automatically visits the site on time and extracts new data.

  Content Grabber can understand the complex information structure well, even those websites whose information changes anytime and anywhere, or the information located on different pages, you must type the page number to view the new information. The Content Grabber 2.73 program can identify and extract specific formats of images and videos that cannot normally be saved. Content Grabber 2.73 supports many output formats, including XML, CSV, Excel or Oracle database, SQL SERVER, My Sql and OLE DB. This data is very valuable and can be analyzed to identify business competitors.


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