Audio Sound Studio for .NET,.NET 框架的以下两个组件-.NET开发组件


  这个“二合一”产品系列是为专业和企业开发者设计的,它包含了基于.NET 框架的以下两个组件:

  Audio Sound Recorder for .NET在多媒体应用程序中添加了录音、声音分析和CD ripping的功能,它可以用多种格式录音和编码,并通过电平表、频谱分析仪、示波器和波形的显示提供视觉反馈。在没有声音的时候,整合声音激活系统可以自动暂停录音会话。可以在一个ripping会话中获得关于CD专辑的CDDB信息。

  Audio Sound Editor for .NET在多媒体应用程序中添加了声音编辑和分析功能。它可以对音频数据进行很多不同的操作,例如用缩放、偏移和过滤等丰富的可视化功能分析不同解决方式下的波形,提供不同的音效,例如DMO, VST,均衡器,变拍,定制DSP,滑音和音量自动控制。

  This “two in one” product line is designed for professional and enterprise developers, it contains based on. The following two components of the.NET Framework:

  Audio Sound Recorder for.NET adds recording, Sound analysis and CD ripping capabilities to multimedia applications. It can record and encode in a variety of formats and provides visual feedback through the display of level meters, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and waveforms. The integrated sound activation system automatically pauses the recording session when there is no sound. CDDB information about CD albums can be obtained in a ripping session.

  Audio Sound Editor for.NET adds Sound editing and analysis capabilities to multimedia applications. It can perform many different operations on audio data, such as analyzing waveforms in different solutions with rich visual features such as zoom, offset and filtering, and providing different sound effects such as DMO, VST, equalizer, variable beat, custom DSP, slide and volume automatic control.


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